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The Joy of Having a Christmas Baby

The Greatest Gift of all

So you find out your due date is on or around the 25th December.  In my experience as a midwife women are not best pleased when they find out their having a Christmas baby! They worry that baby’s arrival will be over shadowed by Christmas and that their child will never have the full experience of having a birthday just for them, not having to share it with baby Jesus!

Do not despair there are many positives to having a baby over the Christmas Holidays here are 7 just for you to think about![adtoappearhere]

  1. Not all babies are born on their due date. Just 4% of babies actually arrive on the mapped out date!
  2. Pregnancy in the Winter is easier. When a woman is heavily pregnant in the Summer she can find this really hard to cope with. Your bump won’t be showing until late August, early September.
  3. Going into labour around Christmas can be fun. Labour wards are usually more relaxed at Christmas and the midwives will be in the festive spirit! You can ask for an early discharge and community midwives work Christmas day so can if needed come to visit you.
  4. It is the Holiday season. Unless your partner work’s in retail or public services he will be on hand immediately to support you and home no panic about getting him home in time! More visitors too.
  5. Family’s rally round. Everyone loves a great Christmas story and family’s will be on hand to help out and you can put your feet up and relax whilst someone else does the cooking.
  6. Naming baby may be easier.  Think of all of those lovely Christmas names, Belle, Ivy, Gabriella, Holly, Candy, Christina, Eve, faith and Hope for the girls or Christian, Frank, Joseph, Malachi, Noel, Kristopher, or Gabrielle.  For the hippies amongst you how bout, Angel or spirit?
  7. The greatest gift of all.  Having a baby is the greatest gift and this years present will be your bundle of joy,

I had an idea for my Grandson, not born on Christmas day but on the 16th December, he looked so sweet in his crib under the Christmas tree. He has a big family and receives so many presents. as he has grown older, some of his gifts are saved for the spring.  This way he gets new toys to play with half way through the year.

Whatever date baby arrives, enjoy the experience and lap up the festive fun. [adtoappearhere]

Happy Christmas

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