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Wendy RichertWendy Kuharska. that’s me and I am a friendly understanding and compassionate experienced registered Midwife and Childbirth Educator. I work within the NHS both in the community and the hospital setting. Since having my own children I have developed a passion for helping women to have the best childbirth experience possible.  I developed Call The Midwives one to one private antenatal classes because there are many couples who seek a more private and individual approach to childbirth.

‘My aim is to simplify childbirth’

Women who are prepared for childbirth can experience better outcomes.  The key I’ve realised, is to release fear and keep your expectations at a minimum. I believe that for many women seeking a natural birth lies within the mind.  I hope my unique antenatal classes focus on empowering couples to attain this through providing personalised trusted midwife knowledge.

Childbirth can be unpredictable and the midwives role is to recognise deviations from the normal and refer to a Doctor if needed. With time and experience a midwife will realise that she can influence the outcome in many situations by ensuring that she utilises all of her skill and knowledge. Throughout my career I have focused on reducing fear and updating my practice and teachings in order to improve outcomes for pregnant women and their families.

I have been educating women in the private sector for several years now. By identifying a gap in antenatal education for many busy couples who are unable to attend over-subscribed NHS classes.If you are one of those couples then my unique classes maybe for you, because I am driven to give women a real insight into birthing, with real evidence based knowledge, female wisdom and experience.

As my business grows I can see the benefits to couples of having a one 2 one experience with a midwife and I am driven to provide the best information, and resources for childbearing couples. The feedback I receive is excellent and I feel very privileged to have been invited into busy couples homes in order to deliver my antenatal classes.

“My husband and I were so impressed with Call the Midwives! We had 2  antenatal classes,  one on labour/delivery and the other on breastfeeding/baby basics. It was so relaxing having the sessions in our own home and wonderful having so much 1-2-1 time with an experienced midwife and being able to ask as many questions as we wanted! The sessions covered everything we needed to know plus lots of very helpful tips.Wendy really installed confidence in me about the labour/delivery, dispelling a lot of horror stories and myths I’d heard. She did not gloss over the potential things that could go wrong but helped me realise I can trust my body and the midwives, I feel so much more relaxed and prepared now!I really enjoyed both sessions and felt very relaxed and informed afterwards. I would highly recommend Call the Midwives! My husband and I really felt we made the right choice, rather than going for more expensive, private group classes.”  From Netmums 2016

When I receive feed back like this I know I am doing a great job. I enjoy education and writing and my focus for the future will be to provide gold standard antenatal education that focuses on keeping birth simple, thus allowing nature to work its magic.

I have always loved writing and my latest project is to provide mini tutorials via this website, feel free to check out the blogs as they are informative and evidence based, with insights formed from my own practice. I teach student midwives, which fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction.  Their feedback acts as a driver and I will be exploring ways to enhance their experience as students.

I am a midwife mother and grandmother, and I hope you enjoy the childbirth knowledge on this website. Birth is the beginning of a new journey, it can be daunting for many couples and you can rely on me to guide you in the right direction.


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Wendy Kuharska (was Richert)

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