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I developed Call The Midwives to provide bespoke Antenatal Classes in the comfort of your own home. This is a very personal experience and I pride myself on helping you enjoy your pregnancy and enable you to make informed decisions regarding your Childbirth experience.

The most important part of my role is to know that you have been happy with the care that I have delivered. Here is some feedback from couples who have undertaken my classes.

My partner and I both work in central London and found it difficult to find classes to fit our hectic lifestyle. We heard about Wendy aka “Call The Midwives” through Mummy’s Gin Fund and she came highly recommended. We were so pleased with our 1-2-1 sessions with Wendy. Not only was Wendy able to make time to fit with our lifestyle but it was done in the comfort of our own home. Having 1-21 advice meant we could ask all the questions we wanted to ensure we were fully prepared to welcome our first child into the world. I found Wendy’s advice invaluable, especially when I went into labour as I was able to make informed choices. Gemma 2017

Danielle says ‘My husband and I were so impressed with Call the Midwives! We had 2x two hour antenatal classes, one on labour/delivery and the other on breastfeeding/baby basics. It was so relaxing having the sessions in our own home and wonderful having so much 1-2-1 time with an experienced midwife and being able to ask as many questions as we wanted! The sessions covered everything we needed to know plus lots of very helpful tips.

Wendy really installed confidence in me about the labour/delivery, dispelling a lot of horror stories and myths I’d heard. She did not gloss over the potential things that could go wrong but helped me realise I can trust my body and the midwives, I feel so much more relaxed and prepared now!

I really enjoyed both sessions and felt very relaxed and informed afterwards. I would highly recommend Call the Midwives! My husband and I really felt we made the right choice, rather than going for more expensive, private group classes’. 2016 Posted on Netmums

My partner and I booked Wendy’s services, as we wanted more than a quick chat at our regular midwife appointments regarding labour and baby care. We liked the fact the sessions were conducted in your own home and for a very reasonable price.

Wendy instilled lots of confidence in us, particularly in relation to the labour itself – advice you won’t find in books and on forums. I had heard lots of negative labour stories and was quite scared by the prospect particularly the stats for caesareans.

After Wendy’s sessions, I subsequently and surprisingly decided to opt for a natural birth at my local hospital, which went smoothly without intervention.

Wendy’s passion for midwifery is evident and I think she could make anyone feel more confident about the challenges ahead, without glossing over the reality. I can’t recommend her enough.’ Jo 2015 Posted on Netmums

Nikki M says ‘My husband and I contacted call the midwives for our antenatal appointments as we liked the idea of having these appointments in the comfort of our own home. We booked two 2 hour sessions covering all aspects of birth/labour/post birth and breastfeeding. We can not praise these sessions enough. Wendy was extremely professional, friendly and made us feel extremely comfortable to ask any questions we had or talk about any concerns. The information provided in each session was very informative and we both feel so much more prepared for the birth and post birth and all the questions we had have now been answered, making us feel so much more positive and confident. The advantage of the sessions in our own home was the fact that we felt instantly comfortable and could talk about any concerns that we had without any awkwardness. This was particularly good for my husband who in a group session may not have asked all the questions he had, so it gave us both the opportunity to now feel confident.
We found the sessions to be extremely comfortable and Wendy so friendly and helpful. I can not recommend call the midwives enough and think this is a great service to offer. I would recommend to anyone considering these classes and can guarantee you would not be disappointed.

Just a small snippet of feedback for you to explore. If you are interested in Booking a class and live in the Bromley, Bexley or Greenwich area visit the Cost page for more information.

Wendy Kuharska Registered Midwife and Founder Call The Midwives

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