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The Benefits of One to One Antenatal Classes

Hello and welcome to Call The Midwives Antenatal Education. I hope you enjoy the site. As a practicing midwife I have found that couples require different outcomes from antenatal education.  When I had my children many moons ago! NHS Antenatal classes were run in local clinics or churches they were midwife led, and were provided for pregnant mums only during office hours.  Fathers were not encouraged to attend.  The classes were informative and we did get the opportunity to meet other mums and make new friends.

The NHS still provide antenatal education, but the classes are usually over subscribed and the amount of classes are limited depending on which NHS Trust you are booked to deliver under. The NCT (National Childbirth Trust) also provide informative classes, these are not midwife led, but the NCT do provide the opportunity to meet other couples and there are several sessions. However the time frame does not always suit some busy parents neither does the price tag.

I actually started smaller group sessions with a colleague a few years ago, I had many inquiries from couples seeking more intimate classes in the comfort of their own home. I decided to facilitate these classes and they have been the basis of a new model of antenatal education for busy couples.


The feedback has been fantastic click here to view.  It appears that stay at home couples really appreciate the opportunity to ask more questions and be more interactive.  There are only 2 sessions but because the classes are so personal couples feel these are more than enough to equip them with the knowledge they require in order to prepare them for their journey into parenthood.

I currently run 2 affordable sessions in the local area, talks of expansion are currently underway and all I know is I have some very happy clients.  Whether you decide to deliver at home, in a birth centre or hospital, as a midwife I can prepare you for what to expect.

The first sessions covers all you need to know about childbirth and labour.  It is total birth preparation, and includes tips, discussions on the physiology of childbirth and coping strategies in labour.

The second class focuses on baby basics, those early days when you first bring baby home.  Everything from bathing, skincare, safe sleeping, nappy changing, and breastfeeding. I also discuss changes to you, nutrition and emotional health which are really important in the postnatal period.

Sessions are currently available in the London Boroughs of Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich

if you want to know more then email callthemidwivesuk@gmail.com

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Author Wendy Richert registered midwife and founder of call the midwives

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